Our Ambassadors.

To become a Museum Ambassador is not an easy task, keeping on to this privileged status is even more of a challenge. First step to become Ambassador: you have donated a lot of T-shirts and other stuff to the Hash House Harriers Museum. We are not thinking ten or twenty.

  • Our Ambassadors must be from many different countries, we need a nice spread over the globe.
  • Our Ambassadors are empowered with the serious task to promote the Hash House Harriers Museum where-ever they go.
  • Our Ambassadors will be the liaison between local contributors and the Hash House Harriers Museum.
  • Our Ambassadors collect any and all contributions and ship them to the museum at some sort of regular intervals.

But .... an our Ambassadors have the privilege of wearing an original HHHmuseum Polo Shirt!

Our First Ambassador is ..... (picture will folow).

â–  Virgin's Dream

Soon to be installed: Higgins, Urine, More On, Hairy Bell Knob, Skinhead, Double Whopper