Mission Statement

The dream of Neptunus is that his museum will eventually be located in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

This dream can only come true when we work closely with other enthusiastic hashers from everywhere. The main partners at the moment are a group of local hashers in Kuala Lumpur who run the Hash Heritage Foundation. And of course there are the Hash House Harriers Museum Ambassadors.

Once retired, curator Neptunus has the time and funds to go to Kuala Lumpur for longer periods. From there he will encourage hashers to help realizing this dream. If possible the Museum will be at the same spot as where the original Hash House is going to be rebuild. At this moment there are merely some containers placed on these sacred grounds. These containers might come of use when we start moving the collection of the Hash House Harriers Museum from The Hague to Kuala Lumpur.

We will set runs from this location (with hares from local chapters) once a month to introduce visitors to Hash House Harriers Museum. Till the location is ready we will set these runs from somewhere close to the Royal Selangor Club.

What we need is a Global Netwerk of Museum Ambassadors to spread the word and encourage hashers from everywhere to visit the Museum in Kuala Lumpur and do a run on these Holy Grounds.

Acquiring the status of Ambassador is not an easy task. You need to be a seasoned hasher, with lots of stories to tell and many many T-shirt to donate to the Museum.

The original Hash House was officially named "the Royal Selangor Club". This club still exists but at a slightly different location in a new building because this original burned down in 1970. This original was not at all original either, because in 1890, it replaced a small wooden building with an attap roof near the north eastern corner of the padang where the club was housed since its founding in 1884.
After the war, the Hash House Harriers were reborn in Kuala Lumpur but in many other places in the world as well. They have been running ever since and will never ever stop.